HOW & WHY Natsumi has started creating her own unique style “Tribal Asia”

Nashwa Bliss wrote about HOW & WHY Natsumi has started creating her own unique style “Tribal Asia”.

PLEASE read her report and share it if you have also had the same kind of experience I want many people to know our beautiful cultures through my unique style. I also want to know other country cultures through their dance and art

皆さん、シンガポールで活躍する日本人ダンサー、Nashwa Blissさんが、”なぜ、どのように、Natsumi がTribal Asia フュージョンダンスを始めたのか” の記事を書いてくださっております。いつも夢は ”おばあちゃんになる頃には、世界にもっと日本人やアジア人のエンターテナーが活躍できる場を増やすこと” と言ってますが、なぜ?と思う方、日本人やアジア人にぜひ読んでいただきたいです✨一緒にサポートしてくれる方、賛同してくれる方は、ぜひシェアをお願いいたします✨

Isolate or Differentiate ? by Nashwa Bliss

I had a video chat with a special guest dancer Natsumi Suzuki whom I am bringing over from SF for May 24th Blossom show.
We had an exciting time to plan our show. Moreover, what have touched me most over our conversation about HOW & WHY she has started creating her own unique style “Tribal Asia”.
Before sharing, I would like to ask you. Have you ever felt any racism. How did you feel about it and did you take any action about it ?
Living in SF, hotspot for Tribal Fusion Belly dance for more than 10 years, she was also witnessing and facing racism as Asian tribal fusion bellydancer. It is everywhere consciously and unconsciously.
Thesedays, people asked her whether she has created new genre “Tribal Asia” because of racism. Answer is YES and NO. Those bitter experience gifted her with idea of how she was different from others. She decided not to isolate nor create additional wall with them but to accept and shine her own unique gift among them, which drove her to learn Chinese classical dance and Japanese traditional dance for years from masters. Eventually she successfully created totally new & unique genre”Tribal Asia”, which is mixture of TRIBE dance(Chinese classical dance and Japanese traditional dance) and her professional training back ground of Ballet, Jazz, Hip hop and Tribal fusion belly dance.
Knowing letting go of conditioned idea about norm and standard seems very challenging, I simply appreciate and celebrate Natsumi’s achievement, passion and creation. That’s why I am bringing her over to Singapore from SF :))) If you resonate with what I have wrote above, you will enjoy the night a lot coz all guest artists I have invited to this show are passionately following their own unique kind of gift on their own unique way.
It will be amazing.

Early Birds tickets $38 till APR 30th

動画は先日のFigさん主催、WSでもやったTAF L1 のアームス動画です。Figさん、Dance to blissカンパニー、La bellydance academy、そしてこのダンスが好きだと言ってサポートしてくださる方々の強力で、少しずつこのジャンルを広めていくことができています。本当にありがとうございます。

This is Tribal Asia Fusion arm movements Level1 video that I taught in my workshop last week. Thank you for supporting me Fig BellyDance select shop , Dance to bliss and Los Angeles Bellydance Academy !!

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