The bottom of the pond 池の底

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Choreography workshop organized by @fig_bellydance . Choreographer: @natsumicrosuzuki Title: The bottom of the pond 池の底  ⛩🧟‍♀️⛩  More details: Please read a story which is in description! YouTubeでぜひご覧ください。詳細で読んでくれたら嬉しいです。動きの意味も解説してます👍🏻  新型ウィルスにより仕事が無くなり今年来年の予定が大きく変わった、私ももれなくそんな1人です。 いろいろな物を見直して生活を切り詰めなきゃ。Amazon primeとDropbox有料版がそれぞれ毎月$12、うん、辞めましょ。Dropbox有料版をストップということで、入ってた動画の数々を削除前にYouTubeやSNSにあげて記録として残そうと思います。 皆さんも大変だと思いますが、頑張りましょう! 7月打ダンスオンラインレッスンは無料ですのでトライしてくださいね〜💖 三回ありますので好きな時に!初心者体験のレッスンも有🥴詳しくは打ダンスオンラインレッスンについての投稿をお読みください!  #tribalfusion #tribalfusionbellydance #danceworkshop #tribalasiafusion #natsumisuzuki  #ronin #jantrax #samurai #トライバルフュージョン #bellydance #ベリーダンス #danceworkshop #japanesedance #japanesemusic

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The story for the choreography I’m sharing with you today is a little scary. Try solving the mystery of “I” as it’s being revealed bit by bit.(日本語は下) I incorporated many Japanese gestures in the choreography to suit Tribal Asia Fusiondance.
This is the same choreography I shared at the workshop held by Fig BellyDance Select shop the other day.
See below for the description of the choreography.

Title: The bottom of the pond – By Natsumi Suzuki

I’m wavering at the bottom of the gloomy pond.
Why am I here?
Who am I?
I try tracking my memory.

A woman is hammering a nail on the wood.
Oh, that’s me.
A fox is quietly telling me to “stop” in my ear.
I keep hammering a nail, ignoring the fox.
(*”Hammering a nail” and “fox” indicate that “I” am performing Ushi no Koku Mairi at the shrine.
With Ushi no Koku Mairi, you can put a curse on someone by visiting a shrine at Ushi no Koku (around 2:00 a.m.) and hammering a nail on a straw doll modeled after your target. It is believed that your target will die after 7 days.
*In Japan, foxes are considered as messengers of god. You’ll often find a pair of fox sculptures at both sides of the shrine gate. In this choreography, I make a shape of a fox with my hand (Japanese way of expressing a fox) and have it talk against my ear to express the situation in which a fox, the messenger of god, is convincing “me” to stop “cursing someone”.
This means that “I” hate someone to the point that I can’t help but to perform Ushi no Koku Mairi.)

My heart is burning like a blazing fire.
Falling petals are like blood splashing on the ground.

Now, I’m beginning to remember who I am.
(*Looking at how I’m doing Sotohachimonji walking, it’s obvious that “I” was one of Oiran. Oiran is high-class courtesans who existed in old Japan. Sotohachimonji walking is the special way of walking used by Oiran who dressed up luxuriously.)

I remembered the promise I made with you, too.
(*At the end part of the choreography, I raise my little finger to express that I’m making a promise with someone. And then I bend my little finger to indicate that “that someone” was my lover. In this era, a courtesan cuts off her little finger and sends it to the one she deeply fell in love with.)

But now I’m at the bottom of the pond, alone.
I’m going up to the surface…
To get you.


Was “I” betrayed by my lover? Was it a failed eloping (A courtesan’s eloping is resulted in death penalty even for the highest class ones)? or…
What do you think about it?
In any case, handling a woman lightly will surely put you in a scary situation someday.
Music: jantrax – Ronin

今回の振り付けは少し怖いストーリーです。だんだんと明かされてゆく”私”の謎を一緒に解いてみてください。振り付けにはTribal Asia Fusiondanceらしく、日本のジェスチャーがたくさん入っています。
先日のFig Bellydance celectshop主催のワークショップで教えたものです。

振り付けタイトル -池の底 - By Natsumi Suzuki








Music: jantrax -Ronin

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