• Online dance Lesson

    Good morning America!! I just finished my Skype lesson between San Francisco and Bangkok. I am surprised at the technology that evolved!!!!!!

  • Golden costume w/ Mysterious Pocket watch

    A Golden costume made by me. Victorian Steampunk model.

    I remade a Pocket watch and…

    use a Vintage buckle.

    This sexy harem pants made by Rose Harden(Rosehips Designs Costuming).

    Oh, yes.
    This costume and this Headdress(Natsumi Headdress Blog) are set!!

  • My Garakuta Hat (Headdress)

    My Garakuta Hat made by me!!
    Of course this Headdress is removable:)

  • Turkish Drop☆Marci Ann

    This is my new skirt made by Marci Ann.

    Her brand name is Turkish Drop. I’m big fan of her headdress!! They are super gorgeous☆☆☆

    ご近所さんのマーシーちゃんにスカート作ってもらいました。彼女のブランドネームはTurkish Drop。
    サイズを測りに来たマーシーちゃん、かわゆい~♡彼女はビーツ・アンティークのコスチュームも作ってます。一番上の写真はマーシーちゃんが今年のTribal Festに出たときの。ゾエと踊ってました。

    Check her website→Turkish Drop Website

    Thank you Marci!!

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