Singapore showcase pics

Does anyone have connections with any theater in the US that I can perform? I would like to dance this projection mapping number when I get back there. Let me know if you know someone who work at The Asian art museum, Japanese museum or festivals. (Doesn’t matter if it’s not related with Japanese/Asian culture.) 

Thank you so much for giving me lots of such beautiful pictures, Nashwa and David Goh.
They are very kindness organizer/dancer and photographer💖 I really recommend them if you are looking for any dance classes and photographer in Singapore 🇸🇬 芬香 Fen xiang – Blossom 芬香 – Blossom- Natsumi Suzuki Special Show Organized by @bellydancenashwa
Photo by @davidlovetofly 沢山の素晴らしい写真をくださったナシュワさん、撮影したデイビッドさん、本当に感謝です💖

Music: 白き花が咲き by NATE

カテゴリー: Class / WS / Show, Dance パーマリンク