Tribal Asia Fusion Dance Company Japanese-style paint トライバル・アジアフュージョンの日本画

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Tribal Asia Fusion Dance company
Japanese-style painter: Kyoko Aoyama
Calligrapher: シバチカ

– About Tribal Asia Fusion – (日本語訳は下にあります)
Tribal Asia Fusion is a new dance style created by Japanese dancer Natsumi Suzuki. As a lifelong dancer Natsumi has mastered a variety of dance styles and studied both in Japan and overseas. In 2007 Natsumi returned to her origins and began creating pieces that have movements of Japanese storytelling and folklore. In 2016 Natsumi began to deepen her focus on Asian dance and in 2018 she established Tribal Asia Fusion.

Tribal Asia Fusion is formed by Ballet, HipHop,Jazz, Belly dance, Tribal Fusion (one of the new belly dance styles that is formed by American Tribal Style and folklore dance), Asian, Japanese traditional dance and mime. It is also briefly called “Asian Fusion Dance”.

Because it is fused with many dance styles, some people might think anything goes. However there are specific characteristics of Tribal Asia Fusion:

・Classic line of ballet poses
・Creativity, musicality, and expressive movements of HipHop
・Strength and dynamic energy of Jazz
・Variety of steps from Belly dance and Tribal Fusion
・Asian-specific unique expressions, face positioning and movement of hands and fingers
・Layering (basic layering of the isolations)

Overall it requires high skill!

The dance piece is created with stories that are made in the motif of Japanese storytelling.

– Tribal Asia Fusionとは –
Tribal Asia Fusion とは

国内外で様々なジャンルのダンスを学んできたNatsumi Suzukiによって始められた新しいスタイル。

バレエ、ヒップホップ、ジャズ、ベリーダンス、トライバルフュージョン(民族舞踊やAmerican Tribal Styleを元にして形成された新しいベリーダンスの一種)、それらにアジアや日本の舞踊・マイムを取り入れたのがTribal Asia Fusionである。簡潔にAsian Fusion Danceと呼ばれることもある。



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