New Choreography: Chō-Han game ( 丁か!半か! )

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Title: Chō-Han game (振り付けタイトル: 丁か!半か!)
Chō-Han (丁半) is a traditional Japanese gambling game using dice. The game was a mainstay of the bakuto, itinerant gamblers in old Japan, and is still played by the modern yakuza. In a traditional Chō-Han setting, players sit on a tatami floor. The dealer sits in the formal seiza position.
さぁ、張った張った!! 丁か半か?!
スーファミのゴエモンでしかこのゲームやったことないわ。勝てばお金が貰えてオニギリとか武器を買えるのよ💪 みんな、現実でやったら捕まっちゃうからね🙅

Music: Beyond Raging Waves – DJ Krush

カテゴリー: Dance パーマリンク