My favorite piece of Choreography: The Legend of Tenko

Please read this story that I made for this dance piece✨

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#tribalasiafusion #natsumisuzuki I'm very excited to be able to teach 'Tenko' dance next week💖 This was a request from one of my students!! I made this story & choreography 8 years ago. It has evolved since then. The first choreography had a lot of hip hop influence. This new version, I used a lot of mimes and asian dance poses. It's completely changed to convey more of the story. I am very proud to have work on this special choreography for so long. I will continue to work on this piece for the rest of my life. I'm looking forward to see how it will change then!! If you are interested, I will post the story for this choregraphy. It's based off an old Japanese legend. "The Legend of Tenko" by Natsumi Suzuki In ancient Japan, foxes were believed to have mystical powers. They say foxes would play pranks on innocent kids. Sometimes they would transform into a seductive and beautiful creature and punish the bad. At times, they would even pretend to be old wise ones and lend their wisdom to humans. Among all the foxes the ones that lived a thousand years became a celestial creature known as Tenko. They had nine tails, flew in the air, controlled nature, and had the power to perceive an event happening a thousand miles away. Humans feared, praised and worshiped Tenko for their knowledge of human foolishness, fragility and beauty. Listen… It seems that one fox has reached it's thousand years of life and is becoming a Tenko tonight. How would we appear to this Tenko, who can now see the wonders of our world? #tribalfusion #tribalfusionbellydance #tribalfusiondance #tribaldance #dance #tenko #kitsune #asia #japan #japanese #japanesedance #ancientjapan #fox #storytelling #storyteller #monster #legend #thelegendoftenko #天狐 #狐 #きつね #トライバルフュージョン #natsumisuzuki #asianlover #asiantribal #asiantribalfusion #worlddance #worlddancer

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