Baxtalo Drom Friday April 4th

Me and Andrea Sendek will perform this Friday night @Amnesia!!
Let’s party☆☆☆

***Baxtalo Drom ~ The Lucky Road***
Friday, April 24th, 2015
Amnesia Music Hall
853 Valencia St, San Francisco
9pm – 2am
$10 – $15

Follow our dusty little vardo down to the Amnesia Music Hall in the heart of the Mission for Baxtalo Drom, San Francisco’s cozy night of vaudevillian entertainment inspired by all things Balkan and bein’ on the road… Let us entertain you!


With a rich background in the performing arts, Andrea shares her lifelong involvement in acting, music, and dance in her role as choreographer, instructor and performer. Cumulating 2 decades of belly dance experience and 10 years in other dance genres (bharatanatyam, ballet and modern) Andrea integrates philosophies from these various forms into her teaching and performance style. Andrea teaches weekly belly dance classes in San Francisco and is the founder and Artistic Director of Khepri Dance Company.

A Japanese Tribal Fusion dancer living in San Francisco, she continues her love for dancing by exploring and studying traditional bellydance. Recently, she was accepted into Khepri dance company founded by Andrea Sendek and together they continue to share their art within the San Francisco community.

Internationally renowned multidisciplinary circus artist and dancer, this bendy beauty will dazzle and amaze you.

Meezee the clown prince and Sansa Asylum the accordion princess come together to create an astounding duo. A “fireworks show of beauty, talent and charisma”, they bring their work in the Yard Dogs Road Show and the Vau de Vire society to the stage, to romance you with sexy accordion playing, singing, dancing, and acro-balancing.

~Makin’ music~

Sepiatonic has aptly been called an “electro-vaudeville experience”…or a “dance party gone vaudeville”. Some parts theatrical show, some parts wild dance party, this project always brings innovative audio and visual entertainment! We feature original live and electronic music, focusing on electro-swing, but extending out into further realms of balkan beats, hip-hop, funk, and more. Featuring Karolina Lux (March Fourth Marching Band, Beats Antique, Zoe Jakes’ House of Tarot, Vagabond Opera), Anthony Meade (March Fourth Marching Band, Saloon Ensemble), and eZel (production, bass, and beat master).

~Shakin’ the floorboards loose~

To all beat fatties special bop let us please triple on ya open says me buuuuuns. Translation: Bombastic, omnisensory one-klown band & DJ.

As always… we’ll be having intimate performances all night long. So come early and stay late. Dress tight and get loose. And try your luck at The Lucky Road Show… where fortunes are told and made!

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