March Fourth Marching band w/ DJ Shotnez

This Saturday! March Fourth Marching Band w/ DJ Shotnez (BALKAN BEAT BOX) at The Chapel.
I’m dancing with DJ Shotnez Set!!
今週の土曜日、なんとあのバルカン・ビート・ボックスのDJ Shotnezとコラボレートします!! 一緒にパフォーマンスできるなんてやばいです!!!

DJ Shotnez(BBB)

Date: Saturday, August 10th 2013
•Time: 9:00pm
•City: San Francisco, CA
•Venue: The Chapel
•Address: 777 Valencia St
•Country: US
•Admission: $20/$25
•Age restrictions: All Ages
•Notes: Doors at 8 PM
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