My Performance info:with Jill Parker

May 14th Om Shan Tea Performers:

JILL PARKER www.jillparkerbellydance.com


May 14th Om Shan Tea Performers:

JILL PARKER www.jillparkerbellydance.com


NATSUMI is a dancer from Tokyo, Japan. She has been studying Tribal Fusion Belly Dance with Jill Parker for 3 years. She has a background in Hip Hop, Popping, and Ballet. She strives to fuse these different styles with Tribal Fusion Belly Dace to create her own distinct style. natsumisuzuki.com

DUSTY PAIK is a costumer and, intermittently; a performing artist. Having spent her entire childhood and adolescence studying ballet, commedia del arte and modern, and ethnic dance, she spent several years as a degenerate teenager listening to repetitive music in dark rooms, learning her own version of pop-locking. She started studying belly dance about 4 years ago, and really digs the freedom of tribal fusion belly dance.
Teachers and mentors include: Jill Parker, Rachel Brice, Sharon Kihara and Aubre Hill.
Dusty currently resides in West Oakland with a creative outlook and industrial sewing machine named Slayer. http://www.etsy.com/shop/Theoccupant

STEPHANIE FIELDS is a sassy southern lady and recent transplant to the Bay Area dance community. A dancer, vocalist & lover of the stage since childhood, Stephanie began studying tribal belly dance with Gwyn of Bodhicitta in 2006. She is an original member & previous co-director/instructor/soloist with Bodhicitta BellyDance, a Nashville-based troupe who approaches the ancient art of belly dance with a modern perspective & tribal twist. Always ready to laugh or make laugh, Stephanie’s performance style is enchanting and welcoming. Her hips & heart are set afire by soulful grooves and heavy earth shaking percussion; she has been known to belly dance to bluegrass! Please welcome Stephanie as she makes her San Francisco debut at OmShanTea’s Temple Goddess night on May 14.

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