Aldious “Sweet Temptation” MV

Aldiousのミュージックビデオ”Sweet Temptation”に出演しております。 Check it out!!

This is me as a vampire in Aldious "Sweet Temptation" Music video! Aldious is all girl meta band based in Japan. Please check them out, they are super talented✨ アルディアスのSweet Temptation のミュージックビデオにバンパイア役で出演しております。このバンドは全員女の子でカッコカワイイバンド💖 ロサンゼルスで彼女達が表紙の雑誌を持っていたら「その子、Rino(ボーカル)でしょ?」とアメリカ人に言われた事があるので、海外でも名前が知られてきてるのだといいですね😊 メンバーの方々、撮影隊の皆様、お疲れ様でした✨✨✨ #Repost @aldiousmarina with @repostapp ・・・ Check out our ”Sweet temptation” music video!! * * #Aldious #AldiousMarina #アルディアス […]

  • Dance slow motion Ver.

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    Sunday Funday! Here is a little teaser for my choreography I did for fun. The music is from Veil of Maya's latest album Matriarch. The track is "Matriarch". Ok! Back to training! #tribalfusion #tribalfusionbellydance #tribalfusiondance #dance #bellydance #matriarch #vom #veilofmaya
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  • Feet propeller turn on the floor

    "The Legend of Tenko" by Natsumi Suzuki In ancient Japan, foxes were believed to have mystical powers. They say foxes would play pranks on innocent kids. Sometimes they would transform into a seductive and beautiful creature and punish the bad. At times, they would even pretend to be old wise ones and […]

  • Slow motion

    Tuesdays.. Hello!!!! #bellydance #tribalfusion #sf #dancer #sanfrancisco #japan
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  • My favorite piece of Choreography: The Legend of Tenko

    Please read this story that I made for this dance piece✨

    I'm very excited to be able to teach 'Tenko' dance next week💖 This was a request from one of my students!! I made this story & choreography 8 years ago. It has evolved since then. The first choreography had a lot of hip […]

  • This is the end of night mare✨Vom

    Good morning Japan! I have great news to share! I recently heard that Veil of Maya will be performing in Japan from Feb 10 – 12th. All the details will be @veilofmayaofficial if you are interested! This is the end of a nightmare… ミュージックビデオなどで一緒にお仕事させていただいたベイル・オブ・マヤが2月に来日します🌸 興味のある方は是非〜✨✨✨ #aeris #vom #sumerianrecords #japan #tokyo #metal #veilofmaya
    A video posted […]

  • Jan 12

    Belly Dancer LifeStyle Blog by Compassionatedancer

    Check Rachel’s(AKA Compassionatedancer) Instagram page!!
    She posted a lot of dance videos. She also posted my video sometimes.
    Thank you Rachel💖 💖 💖
    Rachel Fisher ‘s IG is very interesting. レイチェル(ブライスの方ではない)のインスタがトライバルフュージョンの動画たくさんでなかなか面白いです💖 久々ナツミのポストしたよーと連絡来てチェックしてWow。
    彼女がIG始めた頃ポストさせてって言われたんだけど、その時はまだ少しだったフォロワーがいつの間にやらた〜くさんになっててびっくり✨ Congrats Rachel💕 毎日いろんな動画をチェックしてポスト、そしてプロアマ・上手下手関係なく良い!頑張ってる!っていう動画はリポストしてて(ちなみに相手にちゃんと確認して)いいIGアルバムだもんね。なんか有名どころばっかりポストして自分の宣伝する人より好感持てます。わーこんな素敵なダンサーいたんだー、とか、ほ〜こんな練習してるのかー、なんて知らなかったダンサーさんを知れて嬉しいです😊

    Beauty❣️❣️❣️dancer @natsumicrosuzuki ~ She has some of the tightest isolations I've seen! ❣️❣️❣️ Full Video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4c4A45D4ENA 🎧 Song: "Warrior Concert" by The Glitch Mob
    A video posted by Belly […]

  • Oct 16

    Isolation and Layering2 : Dance Video

    Practicing Isolation and Layering💥🎯💥More details here http://bit.ly/1jsePd6 Repost, Like and Tag your friends for more videos!! #layering #isolation #bellydance #hiphopdance #dance #tribalfusion #dancepractice #worlddance #sanfrancisco #losangeles #dancer #control #repost #like #tag
    A video posted by Natsumi Suzuki (@natsumicrosuzuki) on Oct 16, 2015 at 2:58am PDT

    Long version

    This video shows you how to practice Isolation and layering.日本語解説は一番下。

    Step1: […]

  • Oct 02

    Dirty Laundry Choreography #1

    Natsumi Suzuki
    Dirty Laundry Choreography #1~6
    Sample video of my dance class.
    Mix belly dance with Jazz and burlesque style. (and just a little bit hip hop)
    I’m teaching dance class in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Also available skype lesson.
    More details

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  • Oct 01

    Choreography class Video

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    Choreography class at LABA. Wow, they learned it very fast!!
    Posted by Natsumi Suzuki on 2015年10月1日

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