• New WS in August 15th at FCBD!!

    Hi everyone!!
    I’m going to teach a beautiful tango fusion choreography at Fat Chance Belly Dance on August 15th. I posted a short video of this routine here. Feel free to review the movements, and get acquainted with the music.

    In this workshop dancers will learn a Tango inspired Tribal Fusion choreography.

    This style is very dramatic, paired with music from Gotan Project.
    Slow, passionate moves are contrasted with quick, powerful movements that make for an expressive, dynamic and beautiful choreography. I posted a short video of this routine below, feel free to review the movements, and get acquainted with the music.

    -Aug 15th. 16:00 – 19:00 at Fat Chance Belly dance studio 670 South Van Ness, San Francisco, CA 94110

    -Price $60 for a 3hr workshop. You can bring your tuition before the class starts, also credit card is available.

    Natsumi Suzuki is a dancer from Tokyo, Japan, inhabiting San Francisco since 2007. She acquired an O-1 visa (ability artist visa) by dance in the U.S. Her focus is on combining the elements of Traditional Japanese Culture with Hip Hop and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance.

    Classically trained in ballet as a child and expanding into hip hop dance in her teens, she also studied Club Jazz and Pop Lockin’ i.e.- Moon Walking, Robotic movements, and street dancing. In Japan, she learned many styles of dance and body physiology before graduating at her dance college.

    Web site http://natsumisuzuki.com/

  • Comic-con!!

    Wow!! This beautiful lady cosplay a goddess from Veil of Maya”Matriarch” Mikasa at Comic-con 2015.
    It’s an honor!!
    アメリカのコミコン2015にてVeil of Maya”Matriarch”Mikasaの私のコスプレをした女性が! そして彼女がフィーチャーされているという奇跡☆

  • Yesterday’s my WS

    I taught WS yesterday at Fatchance studio!!
    Thank you guys and great job!!
    Special thanks for Andrea Sendek and Fatchance studio!!!

  • No class on July 7th!

    No class on July 7th. But I’m teaching at Fatchance bellydance studio this Sunday.
    12:00 – 1:30 Ballet and Jazz movements for bellydance 1:30 – 3:00 Hiphop meets bellydance
    I’m looking forward to meet you then!!

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