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    Hey guys, you know all those fun videos I’ve been putting out? My friend told me about a website called Patreon.. it’s basically a kickstarter for all kinds of artist! Please tell & share to everyone about my patreon page, thank you guys so much for watching all my videos!!!, this whole trip back to the states was a fun experience and I hope to continue to keep doing these fun video projects!!!!
    Patreon Natsumi Suzuki site

    Natsumi Suzuki サポートウェブサイト

  • Teaches Choreography Video

    My Dance Tutorial video!! Let’s try my choreography:)

    Please support me to make a new video!!
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  • New Video Music by Gotan Project/ Epoca

    Hey guys! This has just been released, please check out my new video featuring my Tribal Fusion choreography with a little touch of Tango!
    みなさん、出来立てホヤホヤのビデオです。タンゴのテイストを混ぜてみました。是非、チェック&シェアしてください!It was a fun shoot!! Ramon Boutviseth is an awesome director. Nick Solo and Dominique are great assistants! Thank ya’ll Beautiful Skirt By Turkish Drop.

    Director: Ramon Boutviseth http://studiorbfilms.com
    Dancer: Natsumi Suzuki http://www.natsumisuzuki.com/
    Follow me on Instagram @natsumicrosuzuki
    Facebook @ natsumidance

    Assistant: Nick Solo, Dominique
    Music: Gotan Project “Epoca”

    Please support me to make a new video!!
    Support Natsumi Patreon site

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