芬香 Fen xiang – Blossom – show’s Video!!

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A girl became a bird Performance by Natsumi Suzuki
芬香 Fen xiang – Blossom – Natsumi Suzuki Special Show in Singapore

♪ Organized by Nashwa Bliss, Dance to bliss https://www.facebook.com/NashwablissSG/

♪ Videographer: Ashley khan

♪ Original Bird Whistles
Copyright © OriginalBirdWhistles

♪ Natsumi Suzuki is a director of her own dance style “Tribal Asia Fusion”, dancer and choreographer from Tokyo, Japan, inhabiting San Francisco since 2007. 

Dance workshops and Show booking
(She is also available for Online dance lessons.)
DM her http://natsumisuzuki.com/?page_id=8&lang=en

WEBSITE http://natsumisuzuki.com/
INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/natsumicrosuzuki/
YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/c/NatsumiSuzuki
FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/natsumidance

The bottom of the pond 池の底

The story for the choreography I’m sharing with you today is a little scary. Try solving the mystery of “I” as it’s being revealed bit by bit.(日本語は下) I incorporated many Japanese gestures in the choreography to suit Tribal Asia Fusiondance.
This is the same choreography I shared at the workshop held by Fig BellyDance Select shop the other day.
See below for the description of the choreography.

Title: The bottom of the pond – By Natsumi Suzuki

I’m wavering at the bottom of the gloomy pond.
Why am I here?
Who am I?
I try tracking my memory.

A woman is hammering a nail on the wood.
Oh, that’s me.
A fox is quietly telling me to “stop” in my ear.
I keep hammering a nail, ignoring the fox.
(*”Hammering a nail” and “fox” indicate that “I” am performing Ushi no Koku Mairi at the shrine.
With Ushi no Koku Mairi, you can put a curse on someone by visiting a shrine at Ushi no Koku (around 2:00 a.m.) and hammering a nail on a straw doll modeled after your target. It is believed that your target will die after 7 days.
*In Japan, foxes are considered as messengers of god. You’ll often find a pair of fox sculptures at both sides of the shrine gate. In this choreography, I make a shape of a fox with my hand (Japanese way of expressing a fox) and have it talk against my ear to express the situation in which a fox, the messenger of god, is convincing “me” to stop “cursing someone”.
This means that “I” hate someone to the point that I can’t help but to perform Ushi no Koku Mairi.)

My heart is burning like a blazing fire.
Falling petals are like blood splashing on the ground.

Now, I’m beginning to remember who I am.
(*Looking at how I’m doing Sotohachimonji walking, it’s obvious that “I” was one of Oiran. Oiran is high-class courtesans who existed in old Japan. Sotohachimonji walking is the special way of walking used by Oiran who dressed up luxuriously.)

I remembered the promise I made with you, too.
(*At the end part of the choreography, I raise my little finger to express that I’m making a promise with someone. And then I bend my little finger to indicate that “that someone” was my lover. In this era, a courtesan cuts off her little finger and sends it to the one she deeply fell in love with.)

But now I’m at the bottom of the pond, alone.
I’m going up to the surface…
To get you.


Was “I” betrayed by my lover? Was it a failed eloping (A courtesan’s eloping is resulted in death penalty even for the highest class ones)? or…
What do you think about it?
In any case, handling a woman lightly will surely put you in a scary situation someday.
Music: jantrax – Ronin

今回の振り付けは少し怖いストーリーです。だんだんと明かされてゆく”私”の謎を一緒に解いてみてください。振り付けにはTribal Asia Fusiondanceらしく、日本のジェスチャーがたくさん入っています。
先日のFig Bellydance celectshop主催のワークショップで教えたものです。

振り付けタイトル -池の底 - By Natsumi Suzuki








Music: jantrax -Ronin

HOW & WHY Natsumi has started creating her own unique style “Tribal Asia”

Nashwa Bliss wrote about HOW & WHY Natsumi has started creating her own unique style “Tribal Asia”.

PLEASE read her report and share it if you have also had the same kind of experience I want many people to know our beautiful cultures through my unique style. I also want to know other country cultures through their dance and art

皆さん、シンガポールで活躍する日本人ダンサー、Nashwa Blissさんが、”なぜ、どのように、Natsumi がTribal Asia フュージョンダンスを始めたのか” の記事を書いてくださっております。いつも夢は ”おばあちゃんになる頃には、世界にもっと日本人やアジア人のエンターテナーが活躍できる場を増やすこと” と言ってますが、なぜ?と思う方、日本人やアジア人にぜひ読んでいただきたいです✨一緒にサポートしてくれる方、賛同してくれる方は、ぜひシェアをお願いいたします✨

Isolate or Differentiate ? by Nashwa Bliss

I had a video chat with a special guest dancer Natsumi Suzuki whom I am bringing over from SF for May 24th Blossom show.
We had an exciting time to plan our show. Moreover, what have touched me most over our conversation about HOW & WHY she has started creating her own unique style “Tribal Asia”.
Before sharing, I would like to ask you. Have you ever felt any racism. How did you feel about it and did you take any action about it ?
Living in SF, hotspot for Tribal Fusion Belly dance for more than 10 years, she was also witnessing and facing racism as Asian tribal fusion bellydancer. It is everywhere consciously and unconsciously.
Thesedays, people asked her whether she has created new genre “Tribal Asia” because of racism. Answer is YES and NO. Those bitter experience gifted her with idea of how she was different from others. She decided not to isolate nor create additional wall with them but to accept and shine her own unique gift among them, which drove her to learn Chinese classical dance and Japanese traditional dance for years from masters. Eventually she successfully created totally new & unique genre”Tribal Asia”, which is mixture of TRIBE dance(Chinese classical dance and Japanese traditional dance) and her professional training back ground of Ballet, Jazz, Hip hop and Tribal fusion belly dance.
Knowing letting go of conditioned idea about norm and standard seems very challenging, I simply appreciate and celebrate Natsumi’s achievement, passion and creation. That’s why I am bringing her over to Singapore from SF :))) If you resonate with what I have wrote above, you will enjoy the night a lot coz all guest artists I have invited to this show are passionately following their own unique kind of gift on their own unique way.
It will be amazing.

Early Birds tickets $38 till APR 30th

動画は先日のFigさん主催、WSでもやったTAF L1 のアームス動画です。Figさん、Dance to blissカンパニー、La bellydance academy、そしてこのダンスが好きだと言ってサポートしてくださる方々の強力で、少しずつこのジャンルを広めていくことができています。本当にありがとうございます。

This is Tribal Asia Fusion arm movements Level1 video that I taught in my workshop last week. Thank you for supporting me Fig BellyDance select shop , Dance to bliss and Los Angeles Bellydance Academy !!


Sold out!!

6月15・16・17日にTribal Asia Fusiondance(以下TAF)初のレベル1インテンシブ&認定テストを行います。遠方の方でも一気に勉強して認定テストまで受講できるよう、合宿ができるダンススタジオで開催します。


スタジオ地図 http://studio.8ng.net/access


料金は43,200円(税込) ※テスト料金、認定証料金(後日合否通知と共に送付)込み



Into the Pink sky

Into the Pink sky 
Photo: @yokomorimotophotography
Model: @natsumicrosuzuki
Paper wings: @karo_godles 
I’m in the fantasy world✨ Yoko Morimoto is such a talented photographer. I called her “Sunset’s magician ” 🌅 
I definitely recommend her if you are looking for a photographer💥💪🏻

Yoko Morimotoさんの新しい写真です。
イントゥ ザ ピンクスカイ
本当にファンタジーの世界ですよね💖 皆さん、アメリカに来る際は、ぜひYokoさんにお写真を撮影してもらって下さいね。日本語も通じますので、細かいディテールも伝えられます☺️ 

いよいよ明日!Tokyo Workshop!


ついに明日Fig BellyDance Selectshop主催ワークショップ!
See you tomorrow😁

I’m going to Singapore!!


📢For the first time in Singapore, the one and only Asian tribal fusion belly dance star, Natsumi Suzuki (U.S) will perform! Lifelong dance artist professionally trained in San Francisco, the hot spot of tribal fusion belly dance, isolation maestro Natsumi will dance her latest pieces which features Japanese storytelling and folklore.

🌸芬香 – Blossom- 🌸
Natsumi Suzuki Special Show

❤️Special guest: Natsumi Suzuki ( U.S)
💃Guest artists: Tida Naomi (Japan), Daniel Rojas , Nadia A Sueoka, Cee Kanake, Betty Kang and Nashwa Bliss (Singapore) and more!

🔵 Vendor: Chitlom35 (Japan)

🕑 Date&Time: May 24th Fri 19:00 Open
📍Venue : The Projector
6001 Beach Road #05-00 Golden Mile Tower
➡️Ticket: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/-blossom-natsumi-suzuki-special-show-tickets-56469289164?aff=Dancetobliss
📢📢📢Early birds price by April 6th📢📢📢

Presented by Dance to bliss
Flyer design by Daish Malani


Singapore Workshops
25 & 26th

Turandot Photo shooting 1

Photo: @yokomorimotophotography 
Model: @natsumicrosuzuki
The idea of this picture comes from a traditional Japanese ink brush painting. The image in my head of character is the cold Princess Turandot (from Puccini’s final opera). Yoko Morimoto made it just how I had imagined it. Also she gave me a lot of ideas. Literally she is incredible artist!! If you are looking for a photographer, I strongly recommend her. I always enjoy collaborating with her :)
Thank you Yoko💖

Dance workshops and performance: DM me for booking! I’m also available for online lessons. 

たくさんのアイデアを出してくれ、かつイメージ通りの作品に仕上げてくれたYoko Morimotoさんに感謝いたします✨🙏🏻✨一緒にコラボするのが楽しいアーティストさんの一人です。私の写真の中でも人気のある、大きな折り鶴と撮ったものや、夕暮れの海辺でゴールドの衣装で撮ったものなどがYokoさんの作品です。カリフォルニアに来る予定のある方はぜひ撮影を依頼してみてはどうでしょうか。


LA workshop and performance!!

View this post on Instagram

I just got home from Los Angeles. I learned so many things from this trip! Especially this lady who owned @labellydanceacademy @labellydance Stefanya is so amazing dancer, studio owner, business woman, Bellydance super star and teacher. She can manage 18 things at once!! I realized I have no time for worrying silly things when I saw her life. Work hard and play around hard 😆Also I met lots of great dance sisters!! Thank you for coming to my workshop✨🙏🏻✨ Thank you for inviting me there💖 See you soon!! 先程ロサンゼルスからサンフランシスコに帰って来ました。怒涛の1週間、沢山のことを学びました。とくに、ロサンゼルスベリーダンスアカデミーのオーナー兼、ベリーダンススーパースターズの @labellydanceacademy @labellydance のステファーニャのアクティブな姿勢には多くの学びがありました。 そして、ワークショップに来てくれた皆さん、ショーでご一緒した皆さん、本当に感謝いたします。LA コンベンションセンターで踊るという目標達成、Fox 11にも出演させて頂き、次の目標に向かって突き進みます。他にもロスではフォトグラファーとのコラボなどやりましたので、皆さん乞うご期待下さい💖😆💖 . . . . #labellydanceacademy #labellydance #natsumisuzuki #laconventioncenter #bellydance #bellydancesuperstars #ベリーダンス #ベリーダンススーパースターズ #tribalasiafusion #tribalasia #tribalfusion #tribalfusionbellydance #ロサンゼルス #ロサンゼルス #ladancers

A post shared by Natsumi Suzuki (@natsumicrosuzuki) on

I just got home from Los Angeles.
I learned so many things from this trip!
Especially this lady who owned @labellydanceacademy @labellydance Stefanya is so amazing dancer, studio owner, business woman, Bellydance super star and teacher.
She can manage 18 things at once!! I realized I have no time for worrying silly things when I saw her life. Work hard and play around hard😆
Also I met lots of great dance sisters!! Thank you for coming to my workshop✨🙏🏻✨ Thank you for inviting me there💖
See you soon!!
とくに、ロサンゼルスベリーダンスアカデミーのオーナー兼、ベリーダンススーパースターズの @labellydanceacademy @labellydance のステファーニャのアクティブな姿勢には多くの学びがありました。
LA コンベンションセンターで踊るという目標達成、Fox 11にも出演させて頂き、次の目標に向かって突き進みます。

Fox 11 news!!

I was in Fox 11 Good day LA😁

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