I’m teaching a Workshop in Los Angeles next month!!

I’m going to Los Angeles in February for teaching Workshop and performance😆 Can’t wait to see you Los Angeles Bellydance Academy sisters and Stephanie Chabloz ❤️ Thank you for always supporting me.
The class will focus on choreography for Short fan veil beginners using Japanese music, slow and flow movements – a very beautiful and emotional […]

  • “A girl became A bird” – San Francisco

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    My performance “A girl became a bird” photos from last month.
    Photo by Robbie Sweeny

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    This picture from November.
    Tribal Asia Fusion dance company piece “打(DA)”
    Me and my girls.


    CENTER ADAGIO by Natsumi Suzuki @natsumicrosizuki
    Someone asked me if I didn’t dance Tribal Fusion anymore because I started my own Asian fusion style. Well, I have been learned dance for 30 years. Classical Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, Tribal Fusion, Japanese folklore, Classical Chinese and some Asian Tribal dances. Did I quit any of them? […]

  • 五右衛門の振付

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    A post shared by Natsumi Suzuki (@natsumicrosuzuki) on Dec 28, 2018 at 4:17am PST

    Music: #真五右衛門 (#shameleom ) by @taichi_shamisen0529 
    Choreography title: 五右衛門現る‼︎(Run GOEMON Run!!)
    About Goemon: Goemon Ishikawa (Aug 24, 1558 – Oct 8, 1594) was a Japanese outlaw hero who stole gold and other valuables to give to […]

  • The Snow queen fan veil

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    I made a new dance fan ❄️The Snow Queen ❄️(SOLD) Just realized it’s already The Nutcracker season☃️  #dancefandesiner     #tribalasiafusion #fandance #dancefan #nutcracker #tribalfusion #snowqueen #thesnowqueen #sparkle #snowfairy #❄️ #✨ #dance #handmadefan #natsumisuzuki
    A post shared by Natsumi Suzuki (@natsumicrosuzuki) on Dec 6, 2018 […]

  • 12月、1月のオンラインレッスン受付スタートです。

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    A post shared by Natsumi Suzuki (@natsumicrosuzuki) on Dec 4, 2018 at 3:06am PST

    I’m available for online private lesson now. DM me!!

    I will start accepting my private online lesson reservations from tomorrow. DM me… 
    Photo: @halkz5 写真館 桃屋美術

  • Oct 30

    My new dance piece “A girl who became a bird”

    “Listen carefully… how does it sound to you?” (新作の声はスターウォーズの声優さん!!日本語は下に。)

    My new dance piece “A girl who became a bird” will be performed on November 11th (Tokyo), 24th (San Francisco) 25th Workshop(San fracisco).

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    A post shared by Natsumi Suzuki (@natsumicrosuzuki) on Oct 25, 2018 at 7:35pm PDT

    Voice actor: Kat Sheridan @kat_sheridan
    “Kat […]

  • Sep 20

    My Workshop in San Francisco!!

    I’m going to teach Tribal Asia Fusion workshop in San Francisco!!
    Sign up today to save your spot!


  • Sep 11

    Tribal Asia Fusion Dance Company Japanese-style paint トライバル・アジアフュージョンの日本画

    Tribal Asia Fusion Dance company
    Japanese-style painter: Kyoko Aoyama
    Calligrapher: シバチカ

    – About Tribal Asia Fusion – (日本語訳は下にあります)
    Tribal Asia Fusion is a new dance style created by Japanese dancer Natsumi Suzuki. As a lifelong dancer Natsumi has mastered a variety of dance styles and studied both in Japan and overseas. In 2007 Natsumi returned to her origins and […]

  • Aug 06

    Fig Belly dance select shop ✨

    Fig Bellydance select shop wrote about my summer intensive in their blog.
    Please check their site!! They are selling lots of cool costumes💖 Yes, they have online store too!! This is their site↓

    ベリーダンスの衣装と言えばここ! Figさんですよね。

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