The bottom of the pond – Part 2 Tribal Asia Fusion dance

⛩The bottom of the water ⛩ 
(Part 2 )
Now, I’m beginning to remember who I am.
(*Looking at how I’m doing Sotohachimonji walking, it’s obvious that “I” was one of Oiran. Oiran is high-class courtesans who existed in old Japan. Sotohachimonji walking is the special way of walking used by Oiran who dressed up luxuriously.)

I remembered the promise I made with you, too.
(*At the end part of the choreography, I raise my little finger to express that I’m making a promise with someone. And then I bend my little finger to indicate that “that someone” was my lover. In this era, a courtesan cuts off her little finger and sends it to the one she deeply fell in love with.)
To be continued…



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